Phantom Days

by Tylias

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Phantom Days takes you on a journey through the life of a ghost. Each songs theme is tied to the emotions needed to process loss, beauty, and victory. The album took a total of 10 months and features guest producers and vocalists. For fans of Porter Robinson, Radiohead, and Celldweller.

"He Is The Ocean" is dedicated to my grandfathers battle with stage four lung cancer. And to anybody fighting this horrible disease. I feel for you.

This album is something special to me. I decided to stop running in circles and to start improving myself as a human being. My grandfather raised me when I was young and is now on his deathbed as I am typing this, he is currently battling stage four lung cancer, and I had just ended things with my ex-girlfriend I was with for 5 years. Most of the songs on this project are about the events that happened during its creation. The creation of this project was full of heartbreak, nervous breakdowns, fear of loss, and finding beauty in things outside of this life I live in. There is something more powerful that exists and it is a thing that keeps me alive today, the ability to create. As you read this, I hope you understand that I am truely greatful that you have decided to listen to my album and I am speechless. Something so simple as a chord progression and lyrics can bring people together and make friendships last. Some of the best moments I've had on this earth were at concerts or hanging out with a couple people listening to a new record, or by myself studying textures from another artist. This album will show you myself when I am happy, and when I am dealing with situations, and they are situations we all are bound to face in this world of the flesh. I hope to meet all of you beautiful people one day. Enjoy the music <3


released October 15, 2016

Recorded: January 2016 - September 2016
Released: October 15th, 2016
Recorded at my house for most of the tracks, over skype for the stuff with Erratiks and Copperknob. Over facebook for the Sugarfree and Zkott collabs. :D
For the instruments used I stuck to some VSTs and my Midi controller. Using my guitar and voice to fill in the gaps and add most of the textures and cool/awkward sounds.

Jacob Williams (Tylias): Vocals, Instruments, Production, and Mixing
Layla Hutchinson (Layla): Vocals on Track 2
Prabhav Gogna (Erratiks): Vocals and Production on Track 6
Scott Irwin (Zkott): Co-Production on Track 8
Bill 'William' Bayley (Copperknob): Co-Production on Track 10
John Riolo (Sugarfree): Co-Production on Track 12

Photo and Photography taken by Eric Magnus ( @ericmagneto )



all rights reserved


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Tylias Lake Elsinore, California

Jacob Williams started the Tylias project when he was in middle school, evolving from styles of Alternative, EDM, and Hip- Hop music. After many EPs he released his debut album "Broken Beats" in summer of 2014. He announced many singles and a new EP "Vessels" which arrived late 2015 showing a progress of musical style. On october 15th of 2016 his new album "Phantom Days" is expected for release. ... more

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Track Name: They Do Not
I fell down, got right back up
To the soaring lights above
If you can't see, you must just mean
That you aren't standing here with me

Ghosts inside me they do not hide
Ghosts among me they just provide the feeling
Ghosts inside me they do not hide
Ghosts among me they just provide the feeling of my better means to move on

Of my better means to move on
Of my better means to move on
Ghosts inside me they do not hide
Ghosts inside me they do not hide

I'll go now, across the sea
Of the old me, it cannot be
I was hurting, for so much to be
The answers were right here in front of me
Track Name: Fuego (feat. LAYLA)
You are my sweetest taboo
I wanna feel only you
I wanna hold you tonight
Like fire we will ignite

I'm indigo you think i'm just blue
I really meant it, I'm different than you
The chakras will align
The fire in your eyes

No ordinary love
You were my lovers rock
My music was you
My universe in two
Track Name: Medicate
I will medicate to find love, find love
and I will medicate to have fun, have fun

This party, will not stop
Everybody, turns up
This party, will not concede
As you're drifting away from me
Track Name: I Will Be Okay
I will, I will, I will (repeats)

Inside this porcelain life
I Will stay awake for the longest time
this rain shall fade, this rain shall fade
And I will be okay, I will be okay

Bathe, in the colors
Or be dissonant like the others
No further from eachother
Just look into yourself and discover

this rain shall fade, this rain shall fade
And I will be okay, I will be okay
Track Name: Mr. Heartbreak
Yeah they call me Mr. Heartbreak
I'm the reason you feel this way
And I'll be feeling somewhat okay
Through every heartache
Yeah they call me Mr. Heartbreak
And I smite the smile off your face
Drama spawns around me in waves
For every heartache

This will not be the same again (again)
This will not be the same again (again)

Yeah they call me Mr. Heartbreak
And I sit in sorrow through my days
Picking up what's left of this home we made for us

Still my name is Mr. Heartbreak
All the lonely ladies should stay away
No heart to claim it's obtained through pain
Until it stops one day

I will never forget her and she will never forgive me
I am the monster beneath her bedside sorrows
I will never forget her and she will never forgive me
I am the one that destroyed her dreams of tomorrow
Track Name: Messed Up (with Erratiks)
[Verse 1: Tylias]
Dial tones I hear so often
Late at night these demons walkin'
Forest leaves on broken garden
Hear my voice along percussion
[Hook: Tylias]
Answer me, we need to talk (she said...)
Answer me, we need to talk (she.....)
[Verse 2: Erratiks]
sometimes I feel like I sit around and think too much
but I could go all day when I think of us
when you're hanging up on me, i still feel a rush
and even when we're fighting I can't get enough

coz something's worse than nothing
drown your problems in a cup and
let the seasons fuck you up you're lonely
you're lonely

I know I mess up way too much
get attached and call it love
I know I always fuck it up, im lonely
now you don't wanna see me again

I feel like It's been a while how you doing, are you good?
You're doing big things, yeah I always knew you would
I wish I could be there to let you know that you should
never love again and never miss where I stood

coz we got all these issues yeah I see them everywhere now
I knew what I felt I just wish I knew what to say and how
this ain't me it's both of us you only ever weigh me down
forever fucking up and now you'll never come and hear me out

Track Name: Think About
Drowning ego-brain
Lost in the milky way
Stomach of window pain
Wish it would go away

It lives inside us and it aligns us
The miracle of calm desperation

(Think About)
All the times of emergence, did you even confuse it with the
(Times without)
Your heart-rate, your pulse, don't need it, don't need it at all

And I will travel by transparent state lines
Have even bank fines, to be further behind
When will it matter, when I don't matter
In several hours, I'm watching time go by

Slowly slipping away
I must find my neon days, before the sun sets behind me

Traumatized by pain
You fight the idea of insane
Pushing by in echoes of shame
Are you really the one to blame

Think about all the times
Times without
Your heart-rate your pulse
Don't need it don't need it at all
Track Name: Outside (with Zkott)
Widows in the sound bytes
Windows of my fears quite loud in the field sight
Dripping from cold ice (dripping from cold ice)

Longing is the feeling of words less hollow
On my forehead hear the gallows of the echo
Holy as the night rolls on

And I traveled outside, just to see your painted eyes
Lay across the sky, lay across the sky
And I traveled outside, just to feel my happiness
Show you who I am inside

These words will never feel the same
Why can't we ever feel this way again, again
Again, again, again
Track Name: The Arcade (intermission)
Track Name: META (with Copperknob)
I never wanted to (I never wanted to)
Wake up (wake up wake up)
(wake up, play the game)

Get with it, google search it
Text it to all who's with it
Let 'em patch it, then we get it
On the battleground nobody can stop my build
I'm stomping on everybody with OP skills
Who am I? Noobie-supreme in his prime
I can't provide, ban me if you wanna try
I never play support so if you hate me get in line
If you're late to shake me, ya might as well embrace me
Make me the top of the leaderboard (no chore)
Team up ranked on the brink of destruction with my horde
I never am number 10, I'm in it to win it (try hard)
Best believe I am the best I'll put you all to the test
Bragadocious, hip-hop hypnosis
META supreme, better rethink your arena team
Better hit the lever if you think I'll ever get better
If you're bad then just sing along to the song and then be gone.

I never wanted to
Be better than you
But it just so happens
I am better than you
Track Name: Your Life Is A Lie
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Oh wait it's all about me
Found love, found home, found god
Man-made facade
Anxiety I face my demons
It's not my fault
I break your heart again I said it's not my fault

Look me in the eye, and tell me why your life life life is a lie
I'll run away, and hide for days
yeah your life life life is a lie

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Is this all just a dream
I've picked up my things I must be
leaving somewhere
Society I've tried to change your mind but it's not my fault
Confide to the vision of divisions but it's not my fault, it's not my fault

[repeat chorus]
Woah, yeah it's not my fault
Society I've tried to change your mind but it's not my fault
Anxiety, I faced my demons, it's not my fault

[repeat chorus]
released August 12
Track Name: Dabs (with Sugarfree)
In the Ice, is my fable told by others
Eye for an eye, a meaning for you to discover
Parading through the clouds, is the chapter you must wonder
Passing through the shrouds, of the ghost you uncover and...

Round we go like that, round we go like that
Hero a ghost now, Phantom I am
(Souls align, rhythm in your spine)

Dithering dark parts of my heartless content
Blood, sweat, and tears drip all over the cement
I vocalize the eye of demise holding the prize
We all seek to be given, but can't seem to give in
I don't wanna roam the city I love like a ghost but it made me
Influence lies inside primal victory
I'm done with the wizardry, take me out of my coffin
And separate my mind from my body so reality can slip in
Track Name: My Whole World
Dead roses, purge the life from me
Till the low lifts, I smite the balanced side of me 
Follow me down, the rabbit hole
Hearing the sound, of fragments gone

Phantom, plasm, all over the chasm
Having spirit spasms with myself until I blast it
Sarcastic magic, till i reach the peak of disbelief
Edging up the seams until I'm at the edge of my seat
Misery finished me when I never finished me
Being a part of the life I idolized
Full-blown prizes with the sizes of lying bluff
Till my world came crashing never asked myself when its enough

When my whole world came crashing, where were you?
Trying hard to fill this crevesce, because of you
In the dark I finally see, the light out
To travel far to find my home again

You call this amak'ara well I say it's an opera
Singing gleaming through the screaming repeating the same thing
Love this is killing me, can't you see i'm trying to be
The best that I can be for this world that will end me
Parading through the streets, walking on cars
Throw roses at closed doors when they ignore you with full force
End the damn tug of war in the isles of deaths door
Till my world came crashing never asked myself what I fought for.
Track Name: He Is The Ocean
An endless feeling, just like an ocean
What am I feeling? Everyone I love around me
Turn on the TV it can hear me
Turn on a CD it can read me
Until the last second I've kept track of every minute, yeah

Keep searching, stop hurting
It is all just time against you now
Emotions, do not matter
There are no surprises that await you here

I am leaving, just don't quite know when
The feelings in me, are not quite what they used to mean
I don't mind it, i don't comprehend, I don't see it
It's all in my head and I wish I could feel these emotions on my last day

There are no surprises that await you here