Vessels EP

by Tylias




'Vessels' is a collection of songs created throughout 2015. Contains influences of Electronic, Hiphop, Rock, and Alternative music.


released January 23, 2016

Written, Produced, and Mixed by Jacob Williams
Co-Production on "Empty Elvis" by Blaise Collins (The Madman)



all rights reserved


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Tylias Lake Elsinore, California

Jacob Williams started the Tylias project when he was in middle school, evolving from styles of Alternative, EDM, and Hip- Hop music. After many EPs he released his debut album "Broken Beats" in summer of 2014. He announced many singles and a new EP "Never Made The Cut" to be released in early 2015. ... more

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Track Name: Vessels
I am trapped inside my body again
Trapped inside my poor mind, it hungers
Hungers through the dangerous winters
Plunders through the hellish road to you

Vividly.. I built my castle (I built my castle)
Being trapped in my vessel

Every last day of my life feeling trapped inside
and every last day of my life walking on a thin line

Track Name: Senpai
*no lyrics*
Track Name: Chasing Me (EP Version)
Deep inside my sleep
I feel these demons chasing me
Deep inside my sleep
I feel these demons chasing me

Dead end is near, breathing rapid to relieve the fear
Get gone with it, learn a lesson or two, and get somethin from it
Migrate and go south, nothin ever makes sound in this empty house
Red drip from the mouth, fights leave you sleeping in the streets instead of sheets
Ghosts echos in the walls, yeah I hear it all
But the beat from my heart keeps me in time
Ringing bells 12 o'clock like midnight
For the last time i'll stay holy playing hide-n-seek didn't make it boring
I'm only tryin' to stay alive in a world so numb you can't feel your mind

Track Name: Roots
Ashen burns my soul, roots from my past cannot grow
This world has put its walls around me
And I don't walk alone feel the wolves beside me

*chopped vocals*
"Pushing from outside you"
Track Name: Pulse
I am friends with the darkness in your heart
I am the drug you told yourself you couldn't start
Here in the dark, we fell apart
Here in the dark, we fell apart

Your game is over-rated
I never orchestrated
The feeling that your feeling, the feeling that your feeling


We fell apart.... (chops)
Track Name: Never Made The Cut (EP Version)
In the dark parts of my thoughts it is still there
A younger version of my self wished that I still cared
Putting my dreams to rest, for a lonely quest
To give up giving up yeah I'm done with these sad rituals
To perceive to believe this is just my disease
When the madness attacks you, then you will percieve
picked up my six-string like it was the last day of my life
No matter how i achieve this is all that matters to me

(now give it up for the ones that never made it)

Late at night I look upon my life
and I never made the cut, never made the cut
I can't look back all my life
Never made the cut, never made the cut

In the ghosts of this home is somethin that I fear
Trying to fly but can't leave the ground for a hundred years
Overcome with stress, hyperventilation and bedrest comes a
signal of literals, yeah, and preach it?
How the hell can I ever leave it? A hole inside of me can open up my
dreams to achievement
Grab a hold of what you want and dont let it go
The darkness is only given light at times where no light is shown


Now give it up
For the ones that never made it (repeats)
Track Name: Empty Elvis
Look inside, tell me what you see
All my life, they've listened to me
But in time, these words will mean nothing to you
But through my time alive, these stories wont go unspoken

Now I wait, for the chariot to take me
And now i pain, for the hurt in those pretty eyes of you
Now I wait, for the empty in my heart
To be filled, by the journey I've yet to start

*repeat chorus*