Broken Beats (Deluxe Edition)

by Tylias

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Recorded from June 2013 - May 2014

Bonus items included in the bandcamp version are all the artwork from the album and bonus/demo tracks.


released 30 June 2014

All songs written, produced, and mixed by Jacob Williams
Special thanks go to all of my friends, family, and musical partners that inspired me to write this album.



all rights reserved


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Tylias Lake Elsinore, California

Tylias, born Jacob Reed Williams, Is a Musician, Songwriter, and Music Producer from Lake Elsinore, CA. Releasing his earliest material at the age of 14, the road for progression was long and tiring, but he managed to release 3 mixtapes over the course of a year and a half, creating Dubstep, HipHop, and various other genres. Tylias's debut album "Broken Beats" will be released late 2014. ... more

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Track Name: Andromeda
We were all born to die
Under the stars watched by a million eyes
Purple skies
Most honest lies

Diminishing Youth
hiding the truth...
We hide like the recluse
From the drugs we all induse

Run Away (x4)

Run away from the home on fire
Run away from the road desired
Hold your tears don't let yourself cry
Hold your fears don't let yourself die...

Hold your fears don't let yourself die (x2)

Run away from the home on fire
Run away from the road desired
Hold your tears don't let yourself cry
Hold your fears don't let yourself die...
Track Name: Videogames
All of the times I couldn't live on my own
I stripped away my rights for you (for you)
and now I'm floating in my mind, on how I have nowhere to go
and you can't stop the changes in life, because this we all know

and you were there for me, yeah you were there for me
so why can't I, be there for you?
Track Name: All We Had
Free as the wind, and I won't bend
Nobody could have broke me
But I already fell and bled
Sold me closely

Maybe one day they will leave me alone
Maybe one day I won't have to walk this road alone

If I isolated myself and I hid behind a screen
People would have seen how bad things can be for me
But later down the line I realized that it wasn't right
And I shouldn't have gone hiding, shouldn't have spent time realigning

My soul and my well-being, without lowering my gun fleet
I'm walking upon deadly sleet, But the time
All I had was my guitar and my piano
At the time, thats all that mattered to me didn't have to give a stunning disease

If I could make it out this cold world alive
Then I know for sure anybody else can
But sometimes your life turns out and spits out not what you planned
And its all we had.

Chorus: Its all that we had, had no time to relax
Every time I see your photographs I tend to relapse (x3)
Had no time to relax, Had no time to relax
Every time I see your photographs I tend to relapse

Free as the wind I won't send, Nobody could have told me
That this is how you're s'posed to live, give, then and sold me
Closely, maybe one day I will leave this place
One day I won't have to walk upon this space embraced

Maybe if I got off my chair and away from my screen
I probly would have seen how things can hold
Beauty without choosing to be

But later down the line I realized that it wasn't right
and I should've embraced my change and consulted my light
My soul and my well being have become the aspect that I walk with
Against this deadly sleet.

Still hold my guitar in my hands screaming like Van Halen
Without the hail of a makeshift prodegium and in my head
in my head... in my head If I can make it out of this cold world alive
Then I know for sure that anybody else can
But sometimes your life turns out spitting out not what you planned
but its all we had..... its all that we had.

Track Name: Crawl
Get away, back it up
My hell becomes loose if you don't lock it up
Walk up to the flock mixed up
Fight club in a raw top, fists up

In a world too dark to see an incline
A night too bright for our stars to align
could I be tortured from lighting torches
when the same trip made for embalming corpses

These streets are covered in demonic ash
Keep my sanity somehow intact
Whenever we're scared we sign a pact
Without taking notice of a steller impact

I bet you'll watch me crawl
Like the leaves in the fall
I bet you'll watch me crawl
So the world can see it all

Fade to black, my eyes role back
Society cracked, I can't stay relaxed
Detached detaining, from my lies
And Soulless gaining, from the high

From the toxic chemicals you put in the air
Acting like you think we do not care
And when the earth burns over time from this fire
Connect all the lies like your phone to its charger

Portray me like a portrait
Future generations won't even know it
Suicide made you die like a riot
Got the headlines drawn lines in their script lines to prove it

I bet you'll watch me crawl
Like the leaves in the fall
I bet you'll watch me crawl
So the world can see it all
Track Name: Spirit Soup
My Window's open at night and I just can't feel alive
Can you hear me from the outside?
My thoughts have been confined and I can't realign
For everything I've done to myself

Darkness surrounds me, Forget about me
They keep comin' for me when I'm sleepin'
Darkness surrounding me, forget about me (for......)
When will.... you care?

When will... you care?
Track Name: Fall To The Floor (demo track) (bonus track)
Every broken heart, every broken home
Every beat I hear thats banging on my stereo
I hear it now, just like I've heard it before
The special sound of tears when they fall to the floor (come on!)

People have been destroyed by their own personalities
Hate to be a downer but its time to leave the faculty
Put my hands in my pocket, pick up my spirit and walk away
Its so cold at night, how the hell do people survive?

Guess its one thing to write and another to criticize
With the illness I have, doctors can't hypothesize
Critical rationalities are a part of my fatality
Picking up headphones like my ears actually believe in me

Minute is a minute, a minute is what I need
To put all these MP3's on to a CD
That's the metaphor that I use to represent
The work of artists nowadays and how they represent themselves


It's one thing to create traps and another thing to run raps
Rapper I am not... but a producer I have thought
as my mental economy stabilizes...inside of me
My mist disolves and I've realized I am who I want to be

Fact of the matter is I have been so manipulative
My own following built online is stagnant from all the time
I've waisted thinking about everything, that's alright
But I won't, Tylias has dug up his own grave
Track Name: Inspiration (Bonus Track)
Its half past 4 in the mornin when I wake up
And I still dont feel rested, being constantly tested
but, I didnt even care, walkin down the stairs
Remembering my place, sink, wash the demons off my face

Yeah I'm walkin to school, feeling everyone around me
I know their lookin at me and they don't like what they see
But, I'm ready to go, heart ready to show and I'm ready to blow
This stuff is wishin, killin me yo (man..)

I remember a time when it was alright
"You could achieve dreams that you had as a little kid" but..
those times are long gone, and I'm still trying to catch up
I think we all are cuz it might be time to pack up

No need to worry, I'm in no hurry, I'm just trying to say things
before they go and become blurry
Gotta strive, gotta show them a light
When we wake up everything be alright


I have a tendency to throw myself through hell
However I make sure that my journey is safe and well
But no matter how many times that I see the light
I find myself lookin for answers when I fight for my life

And I have learned it doesnt matter when you lose a friend
You will always find a way to pick yourself back up again
cuz the lesson is one that we search for till the very end
and until the powers that be decide to help you make amends

and I will keep searching, I will keep soaring
Over the valleys of the past and over mountains of problems
and in my minds there's only one of me
So I just gotta open up my very own eyes and see

That keeping true to yourself, is the only best option
but sometimes we stumble with no quick reaction
Just turn your lights off and open up your windows
and say your farewells to the gaurdians of the shadows