Tylias x Erratiks - Messed Up

by Tylias



Messed Up is a song about leaving your loved one and ending a relationship for the better of both. To end is to begin.


[Verse 1: Tylias]
Dial tones I hear so often
Late at night these demons walkin'
Forest leaves on broken garden
Hear my voice along percussion
[Hook: Tylias]
Answer me, we need to talk (she said...)
Answer me, we need to talk (she.....)
[Verse 2: Erratiks]
sometimes I feel like I sit around and think too much
but I could go all day when I think of us
when you're hanging up on me, i still feel a rush
and even when we're fighting I can't get enough

coz something's worse than nothing
drown your problems in a cup and
let the seasons fuck you up you're lonely
you're lonely

I know I mess up way too much
get attached and call it love
I know I always fuck it up, im lonely
now you don't wanna see me again

I feel like It's been a while how you doing, are you good?
You're doing big things, yeah I always knew you would
I wish I could be there to let you know that you should
never love again and never miss where I stood

coz we got all these issues yeah I see them everywhere now
I knew what I felt I just wish I knew what to say and how
this ain't me it's both of us you only ever weigh me down
forever fucking up and now you'll never come and hear me out



released September 13, 2016
Production / Vocals in verse 1 and hook: Jacob Williams (Tylias)
Production / Vocals in verse 2: Prabhav Gogna (Erratiks)



all rights reserved


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Tylias Lake Elsinore, California

Jacob Williams started the Tylias project when he was in middle school, evolving from styles of Alternative, EDM, and Hip- Hop music. After many EPs he released his debut album "Broken Beats" in summer of 2014. He announced many singles and a new EP "Never Made The Cut" to be released in early 2015. ... more

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